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    • Everything I have had done at Premier Smile Center has been top-notch. The treatment I received was thorough, precise and extremely professional. I never felt like just another patient because they took the time to listen to my concerns. They addressed my issues and we agreed on the treatment plan together.

      The staff is very friendly, warm and extremely knowledgeable. I felt relaxed and comfortable knowing I chose the right place to get the dental work I needed. Dr. Johnson is very humane and very knowledgeable, and she does amazing work. I like the friendliness and honesty of the whole practice. I was not confident with my smile, in fact I was very self conscious and rarely smiled. Premier Smile Center has changed all that. My smile is one of the things I like the most.

    • I was terrified to receive a root canal, but I knew it had to be done. After meeting with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Bui, I felt better about the procedure. They educated me on the process. I was comfortable and had no pain—which was my biggest worry. I love coming to the office. Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. The doctors and staff educate you on what they are doing and why it is needed.

      The dentist was a place I visited only when I desperately needed to, and now I’m in the office every few months. I don’t live near the office anymore, but as long as they’re there, I will be driving over to Fort Lauderdale. Thanks to Premier Smile Center, I now have healthy, pearly white and almost perfectly straight teeth.

    • When I first came to the practice, my teeth were in terrible condition. From the beginning to the end of my treatment, Dr. Johnson and her entire practice were outstanding, professional and extremely understanding of my needs. Dr. Johnson is honest and very hands-on, and the practice feels like a family and not a factory. Thanks to Dr. Johnson, I now have a great smile.

    • Coming to Premier Smile Center was a life-changing experience for me. Although I was a registered nurse, I had the worst teeth ever—a missing tooth, discolored teeth and a crooked smile. Dr. Johnson explained to me in detail how she could give me a beautiful smile. She and her staff have been truly supportive and non-judgmental about my teeth. Dr. Johnson is compassionate, understanding and a joy to talk to, and the staff are friendly, efficient and caring. They encouraged me to go on when I was feeling down, and now I can smile confidently.

      The treatment I received has greatly increased my self-esteem. I can smile and laugh unashamedly and join into a group conversation, and not just be a passive listener. I also have better health and nutrition. It is the best investment I have ever made for myself.

    • Premier Smile Center has always treated me like family, and my experience as a patient of Dr. Johnson’s has been nothing but satisfactory. Dr. Johnson is brilliant, and the practice is clean, friendly and professional. Before I came to the office, the condition of my teeth was depressing. As a result of my treatment, I have more confidence and less anxiety associated with a messed-up mouth.

    • Before coming to Premier Smile Center, I had not been to a dentist in some time. I needed some periodontal work done, fillings and wisdom tooth extractions. What initially struck me was the warm welcome I received from the front office staff, and I had virtually no wait time before I was greeted by Dr. Johnson. She was incredibly professional and explained everything she was doing as she conducted the initial exam. She made her recommendations and scheduled a return visit to repair some fillings and pull two wisdom teeth.

      What was truly amazing was that within 24 hours Dr. Johnson herself called to check on me and asked how my experience was. My wisdom tooth extractions went flawlessly, and I experienced very little bleeding and no pain during or after the procedure. Again, Dr. Johnson called me afterward to check how I was doing. I like Dr. Johnson’s warm and sincere concern for her patients, and I also like her professional staff. I am always impressed by the warm, professional nature of everyone in the office.

    • From the moment I arrived at Premier Smile Center over a year ago, Dr. Johnson and her entire staff have been amazing. Needless to say, anytime you have a cosmetic procedure done there will be nerves and lots of questions. Within minutes into my initial consultation, these concerns subsided. Unlike other dental practices I have been to, Dr. Johnson took her time and explained what I should expect from beginning to end with Invisalign. I continue to receive compliments on my smile every day. I love it! I have already and would recommend her again to anyone I know. A huge thank you to Dr. Johnson and the Premier Smile Center staff for making my experience fabulous!


    Charmaine Johnson DDS Premiere Smile Center

    March 27, 2020
    3 yearsago
    cosmetic dentistry treatments

    The coronavirus is all anyone can think about right now, but one way to take a break from all the heavy news is to think about the good things ahead.

    You can plan for the future and look forward to the many ways life will improve. If you’ve long been considering ways to improve your smile, now is the time to research cosmetic dentistry treatments so you’re prepared to discuss the details with your Fort Lauderdale dentist when the time comes.

    1. Minimal-Prep Porcelain Veneers

    Plenty of people used to be wary of porcelain veneers. They wanted the look, but they didn’t want to go on the road to get there – the removal of tooth enamel. Now, minimal-prep and no-prep veneers barely alter your natural teeth before the veneers are bonded permanently in place.

    The beauty of veneers is not only are they long-lasting and stain-resistant, they correct all the aesthetic complaints you have about your smile. Discoloration, cracks, chips, gaps, misshapen teeth – every problem is concealed by customized veneers.

    2. Invisalign

    If you can handle an order to stay at home, you can handle the rules of Invisalign. These aligners are personalized to your orthodontic needs so your teeth are moved one by one into alignment. Super-thin and difficult to see, Invisalign is many an adult’s cosmetic dentistry enhancement of choice because it allows them to upgrade their smile slowly but surely and without anyone being the wiser.

    Invisalign is worn 20 to 22 hours a day and is removed for meals and cleanings. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. The average treatment plan is about 12 months, but some may be longer or shorter depending on how much your teeth need to move and your adherence to your Fort Lauderdale Invisalign provider’s instructions.

    3. Cosmetic Gum Recontouring

    Not all cosmetic dentistry procedures need to be lengthy and in-depth. If your biggest complaint is that you have a gummy smile, the solution is simple: cosmetic gum recontouring. Usually in one dental visit, excess gum tissue can be removed and gums can be reshaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile. No more short teeth or excessive gums.

    4. Teeth Whitening

    Looking in the mirror day after day while you’re quarantined and seeing your teeth and how white they’re not can finally convince people to make a move and get that professional teeth whitening treatment. Sure, you could order over-the-counter whitening products, but they’re not guaranteed, the results are uneven, and they can irritate your gums and mouth.

    Professional whitening products use powerful bleaching products to truly remove deep stains in the enamel and make your teeth multiple shades whiter. There is a reason teeth whitening remains a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment – it’s easy, and it works.

    Schedule Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Consultation with a Cosmetic Dentist Near Fort Lauderdale

    When it’s time to go out again, when it’s time to think about what you can do to make yourself feel better and happier, contact Dr. Charmaine Johnson at Premier Smile Center, your dentist near Fort Lauderdale. Your complimentary cosmetic consultation will include a smile evaluation, consultation with Dr. Johnson, and all the answers to your smile makeover questions. See before-and-after photos, get help deciding what’s right for your perfect smile, and envision yourself in a happier place with the cosmetic dentistry treatments that Premier Smile Center offers.


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