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Invisalign® in Fort Lauderdale

Invisalign® in Fort Lauderdale | Premier Smile Center | Cosmetic Dentist.

Image of an invisalign clear aligner.

The Invisalign systems uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth.

Free Invisalign Consultation

The Clear Alternative to Braces

Instead of metal braces, Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear, removable aligners to comfortably and effectively straighten teeth. The aligners are worn 22 hours a day, so you can remove them for eating, brushing and special occasions such as family photos.

Because of its near invisibility and ease of use, Invisalign is especially favored by adults, but it can also be used by teens. In fact, Invisalign offers a special version,Invisalign Teen®, that has nifty benefits designed especially for teenagers, including extra aligners in case some get lost.

Dr. Johnson is highly experienced in Invisalign teeth straightening. She is the only general dentist in her immediate area who is a Premier Invisalign Provider, a status awarded to dentists who continually treat large numbers of cases. Thanks to her skill and experience, Dr. Johnson can treat even complex cases with great results.

Free Invisalign Consultation

Dr. Johnson shows a patient a clear invlisalign aligner during a consultation.

Dr. Johnson explains your treatment options and answers any questions you may have.

Dr. Johnson offers a free Invisalign consultation where she will explain your treatment options and answer any of your questions. The offer includes:

  • Oral Exam
  • Meet with the doctor
  • Learn about your treatment options
  • Get any questions answered

To make an appointment, call (954) 566-7479 or click here to request an appointment online.

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New Patient Offer Free Exam and Consultation


Patient testimonial portrait of Erica “From the moment I arrived at Premier Smile Center, Dr. Johnson and her entire staff have been amazing. Unlike other dental practices I have been to, Dr. Johnson took her time and explained what I should expect from beginning to end with Invisalign. I continue to receive compliments on my smile every day.” – Erica
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