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Dentures are groups of artificial teeth attached to a plate to replace missing teeth. They mimic the appearance and feel of natural teeth.

Dentures are generally classified as partial or full. Partial dentures are designed to replace a small section of teeth and help prevent existing healthy teeth from shifting positions. To anchor partial dentures, we may use natural teeth, crowns, orimplants.

Full dentures generally replace an entire set of teeth, either the upper, or lower, or both.

Flexible Dentures

Most dentures are made from a combination of metal and synthetic materials such as acrylic resin. We also offer a non-metallic flexible denture model called Valplast, with superior comfort, due to the bendability of the appliance to fit the contours of your mouth.

Dentures are Custom-Made

Once you have decided that a denture is the dental appliance you need, it will be customized for you. We will make a mold of your mouth and take measurements of your bite to ensure that the denture will be the right size, proportional to your face, and with the proper bite relationship between upper and lower teeth, whether natural or artificial. Your input is extremely valued and necessary to this process. Dentures are never considered finished until you are happy with their look and feel.

There is a lot of variety in the different types of dentures, even to the coloring of the artificial teeth. Be sure to ask about premium coloring that provides a more natural appearance, with slightly different shades, tooth to tooth, as happens naturally with your original teeth.

Care of Dentures

Just like your teeth, your denture should be cared for with diligence. This means daily brushing and regular visits to your dentist for minor adjustments to ensure the denture is adequately maintained and that a good fit to your mouth is preserved. This is because people’s gums sometimes change shape or shrink.

Under normal circumstances, denture wearers can eat most foods with confidence without causing their appliance to shift. A small amount of denture adhesive can help with this, as needed. Caution must be taken, however, to avoid certain kinds of foods, particularly very hot, hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky foods.