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All-on-4® New Teeth in One Day

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Alvarez planning a case together using models of teeth.

Dr. Johnson (right) and her surgical specialist Dr. Alvarez plan out the case together.

Diagram of an upper all-on-four implant denture.

Using as few as four dental implants, our doctors can give you a full set of new teeth in one day with our All-on-4 procedure.

Enjoy a beautiful smile and full chewing power with All-on-4

Our doctors at Premier Smile Center use the innovative All-on-4 procedure to provide patients whose teeth are broken-down and need to be extracted, or who are tired of wearing dentures, with new permanent teeth in just one day. You can enjoy beautiful and stable new teeth that look, act and feel like your natural teeth.

Expert All-on-4 Treatment

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Alvarez plan a dental implant treatment together.

Dr. Johnson (left) and Dr. Alvarez plan the implant case together.

Dr. Johnson is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist with over 10 years experience providing the All-on-Four procedure. She guides the entire procedure and ensures that the final teeth are natural-looking and complimentary. Dr. Alvarez, our implant surgeon, is a licensed periodontist with advanced training and years of experience in the accurate placement of implants. Together, they ensure that your new teeth are aesthetic, stable and comfortable.

Our One-Day Procedure

Dentist shows patient a dental implant on monitor during a consultation.

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Alvarez use advanced 3D imaging to diagnose the case and plan out the position of each implant.

After your consultation with Dr. Johnson, you will see Dr. Alvarez for full diagnostics. She uses a CT scanner to get a 360-view of your teeth and jaw to plan the proper placement of your implants.

On the day of the treatment, Dr. Alvarez does any needed extractions and places the implants. Our lab technician comes to the office during your treatment to customize your new teeth, which are then fixed in the very same day.

Being able to perform the surgery and provide your new teeth as a team helps us to ensure a smooth process and the best results.

Complimentary Implant Consultation

Dr. Johnson speaking with a patient during a consultation.

The doctors ensure that each patient understands exactly what to expect during treatment.

You can take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer and receive a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Johnson will review your case in detail and discuss the All-on-4 procedure and other treatment options available to restore your smile, oral health and chewing power.

Your visit will include:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Full-mouth X-rays
  • Intraoral photos
  • Bite evaluation
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Get all your questions answered

To make an appointment, call (954) 566-7479 or click here to request an appointment online.

Keeping you Comfortable

To keep you relaxed and comfortable during treatment we have pillows and soft blankets. We can provide oral sedation to keep you relaxed and out of pain during the procedure.

Your Beautiful New Teeth

All-On-Four woman smiling as she holds an apple.,On the day of your treatment, your new teeth will be fixed in. Dr. Johnson will have you come in a day or two later to ensure a proper fit, making any adjustments needed.

Once your implants have fully healed, in about 3 months, we fix in your permanent teeth. You have the option of different materials to use, including zirconia, a strong ceramic that emulates the look and strength of natural teeth. Dr. Johnson creates an acrylic set for you to try out for a couple of days so that we can fully customize your final teeth to your needs and aesthetics.

Dr. Johnson’s expertise as a cosmetic dentist helps ensure that your new teeth are aesthetically flattering and that you feel comfortable when smiling, eating and talking.

Affordable Solution for Replacing Teeth

With conventional full-mouth tooth replacement, bone grafting is often necessary because many patients lack the needed bone density to support implants. Bone grafting, however, accounts for up to 50 percent of the cost of full-mouth teeth replacement. The All-on-4 procedure eliminated the need for bone grafting, making it the most affordable and faster solution to fixed-in, full-mouth tooth replacement.

To make an appointment, call (954) 566-7479 or click here to request an appointment online.

New Patient Offer Free Exam and Consultation


“The practice is always clean, professional and a happy place. The dentists are knowledgeable and helpful; they explain all treatment in detail. And they offer flexible financial assistance if needed. As a result of my treatment, I have better teeth and a brighter smile.” – Wil
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