root-canal-therapyRoot Canal Therapy Fort Lauderdale

Root canals are multiple tiny passageways within teeth that hold their nerves and blood supply. Each tooth has between one and four root canals.

These tiny passageways may become infected if there is extensive untreated tooth decay or an injury. Infection that spreads into these channels can cause a fair amount of pain and sensitivity, and eventually the formation of small pockets of pus, resulting in tooth abscesses.

Root canal therapy is a remarkable treatment with a very high rate of success. It involves removing the diseased tissue, stopping the spread of infection, and restoring the healthy portion of the tooth with a crown.

Root canal therapy is designed to save a problem tooth. Before root canal therapy, the only method for treating a diseased tooth was the complete extraction of the tooth.

Most patients who have root canal therapy experience little or no discomfort or pain and enjoy a restored tooth that can last almost as long as the healthy original. Our office has a root canal specialist (an endodontist) to help you with your needs.