laser-gum-contouringLaser Gum Contouring Fort Lauderdale

Many people inherit, through their genes, a characteristic of excessive or uneven gums. The resulting gummy smile dominates the mouth, making the teeth seem almost secondary in appearance. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic procedure called crown lengthening or gum contouring that can be done to correct this. At Premier Smile Center, this procedure is done using a Biolase laser.

The laser accurately vaporizes any unnecessary, unattractive gum tissue. Unlike traditional gum surgery, there is no necessity to cut the gums and then stitch the resulting wounds. The result is is a healthy-looking smile, in which teeth and gums are well proportioned. In most cases, the whole process takes only a few minutes, and there is usually very little discomfort.

In addition to laser gum contouring, soft-tissue gum grafting may be needed to add additional gum tissue to sparse areas.