gum-graftingGum Grafting Fort Lauderdale

There are some conditions in which there is not enough soft tissue (also called gums) to support teeth or cover and protect roots. In cosmetic dentistry, there are also conditions in which the gum tissue is unbalanced – too much, here, and not enough, there.

Soft tissue grafts, sometimes called gum grafts,involve surgically removing small pieces of gum tissue from an area of the mouth, such as the palate, and then implanting them in another area that is in need of additional soft tissue covering.

Some of the periodontal problems that can be solved or alleviated with gum grafts are receding gums, sensitive teeth, bone loss, advanced gum disease, exposed roots, gum injuries, and uneven gum contours.

How Gum Grafts Can Benefit a Patient

  • Soft-tissue grafting can cover exposed roots.
  • Pain from root sensitivity can be eliminated or alleviated.
  • Bone loss caused by insufficient gums can be stopped.
  • Gum recession can be reversed.
  • Correction of dental deformities is possible.
  • Gum lines can be evened and made more proportional for a more attractive smile.
  • Treatment for advanced gum disease that cannot be treated non-surgically may include soft tissue grafts.