Do You Have Bad Breath?

By September 18, 2017 General, Oral Health No Comments

We all know someone with bad breath. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that they have it and only your children or grandchildren will tell you!!!!!

So, how does one eliminate bad breath?

  1. Firstly, determine if you have bad breath or not by asking a significant other or your dentist. It is normally difficult to determine bad breath on yourself.
  2. Some odor causing foods like onions and garlic can cause the bad odor to come out through your lungs for up to 24 hours after ingestion. Try to reduce the intake of these foods.
  3. Examine the back of your tongue for a tongue coat. The tongue harbors 50% of the total bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria produce sulphide odors which is the smell of rotten eggs. This is the main source of most bad breath. We suggest using a tongue scarier to scrape the very back of the tongue. Do this 10-15 times every morning. A toothbrush is not as effective. It is like using a broom to clean a shag carpet.
  4. Have your dentist evaluate if you have gum disease. The pockets under the gum house millions of odor causing bacteria.
  5. Engage in a good oral hygiene routine at home. Bacterial plaque is a combination of food, saliva and bacteria. Clean between your teeth with floss, proxy brushes or a waterpik to remove the plaque from between the teeth.
  6. Mouthwashes, mints and gum will only offer a temporary help to mask the bad smell. Mouthwashes that contain zinc provide a slightly longer benefit eg: Smart Mouth. Be careful of mints and gum as many contain hidden sugars and these will eventually cause cavities.

Following these steps will help control bad breath in most people. If you need any help with this or have any questions, call us at Premier Smile Center at 954-566-7479.